In-store Feedback

Find out what your real customers are saying. Fix issues before they become problems.

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Loyalty Insights

Get your customers' feedback minutes after they did business with you.

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What is TxtFeedback about?

Our mission here at TxtFeedback is to provide you with the tools that will bring you closer to your customers: gather their feedback, talk to them, solve their problems and transform them into your advocates.

Our solutions are easy to deploy and easy to use while at the same time still providing you with a plethora of insights.
Our products come in different flavors:

  1. In store mobile feedback – your customers’ direct channel to you. Customers can write you their feedback via their mobile phone(SMS or mobile website), you can see the feedback, act on it and see location based reports.
  2. Loyalty insights – easy to configure, easy to deploy mobile surveys to help you capture real time customer feedback and insight after the customer made a transaction with your business.
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